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The CARTE NOIRE Espresso Collective includes media, bloggers and coffee lovers who all have one thing in common – they all enjoy savouring the taste of new CARTE NOIRE Espresso Capsules. 


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  • Carte Noire espresso capsules N°7 , when topped up with a decent mug full of warm milk, latte-style, is as close to my idea of caffeine nirvana as I have ever been lucky enough to drink. They even …

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    Mayfair Mum

    Mayfair Mum

    10 March 2014

  •  I love N°9 the most as I like my coffee intense, however to be fair I thought they were all delicious and would happily drink any of them. They all have a lovely flavour and taste delicious. They …

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    Becky Goddard-Hill

    Family Budgeting

    11 March 2014

  • The Carte Noire espresso capsules were very easy to use in our machine – they fit in the slot perfectly. It was nice to have a range of flavours to taste (Nos 3, 5, 7 and 9 – the higher the number, …

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    Mummy K

    Time Waits For No Mum

    12 March 2014

  • I think what makes this coffee so special, is that somehow, in the hustle and bustle of life with a toddler, an espresso-sized cup of refinery is injected. You can’t help but pause and inhale the …

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    Lucy Young

    Baked Potato Mummy

    13 March 2014

  • Delicat was absolutely delicious. Honestly, absolutely incredible. The boyfriend and I had 1 cup and then another straight after. Within 2 hours we'd had another. This is quite unusual for us to have …

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    Memoirs of a Wardrobe

    13 March 2014

  • I was extremely impressed with all the varieties in this collection and I will certainly purchase them in the future as I thought that the coffee flavours and aromas were superior to the capsules I …

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    Leeks & Limoni

    12 March 2014

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    11 November 2013

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    16 February 2013

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    13 February 2013

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    10 January 2014

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    13 October 2013

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    08 October 2013